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Steve Mize

For Alexandra - May 4th

Master Reel
Comedy Reel (rd 1)
Self Tape Reel (rd 1)
Commercial Reel (archive)

One Sheets

Playfully Arrogant Everyman

What do I mean...?


Sweet, kind, fun, friendly, loving, honest, humble, loyal, casual, innocent, clueless


smart, sophisticated, quirky, eccentric, cunning, mastermind, sassy, erratic, complex


approachable, trustworthy, reliable, winner, determined, helpful, affable, uncontroversial 


Let's LEAN IN to current trends for my type





self submissions

readings and plays

roles in class

blind prototype quizzes

Upscale Professional 

Smart, Confident, Witty, Quirky, Sassy

Doctor, Lawyer, Politician,

FBI, detective, DEA

Bob Odenkirk, Colin Hanks, Greg Germann

Billions, Succession, Watchful Eye

WEB 0288 Mize Steve.jpg

Entrepreneur, Tech VC, Finance

WEB 0470 Mize Steve.jpg

Artist, Journalist, photographer, Baseball

Jason Bateman, Sam Rockwell, Ryan Reynolds,

Million Little Things, Sweet Magnolias, 

NCIS, Cruel Summer

Earnest, Honest, Trustworthy, Confident,

midwestern dad, uncle, brother,

Suburban Dad, coach, house husband

Polite, Uncontroversial, Unhip, Affable

Ty Burell, Disney, FreeForm,

Loot, Love That For You,

WEB 0250 Mize Steve.jpg
WEB 0624 Mize Steve copy.jpg
Arrogant - Mastermind - Rogue

charming bad guy, mistrusting, conniving, misunderstood

Leverage, Bosch, Fargo, True Detective

secretive, mysterious, genius, 

Bond Villain

Michael Emerson, James Spader

Blue Collar, Street Detective

Unsuspecting Killer,

Jimmi Simpson, Aaron Paul

Arrogantly Playful

Cocky, Sleazy, MAGA Jerk, Sarcastic

Baller Wannabe

Entitled Tech Bro, frat boy,

Yacht/Golf Country Club 

WEB 0584 Mize Steve copy.jpg
WEB 0389 Mize Steve SGP.jpg

Wall Street, Connecticut,

snooty sommelier

==== Character Roles ====

unemployed, quirky, wild

uncomplicated, stoner, 

carefree & lucky, tone deaf, 

Dax Sheppard, Young Woody, Keanu

Steve Mize Headshot.jpg
Playful, Goofball, Simpleton
Texas, Western, Military, Blue Collar

bad guy, blue collar, backwoods

Sam Rockwell, Bradley Cooper

Yellowstone, Monarch, SWAT, Seal Team



Commercial - Character
Commercial - Signature


Purple Wavy JPEG.jpg


Broadcast Quality Sound Isolation Booth (Gretch-Ken)

FocusRite Scarlett Solo Single (3rd gen) preamp, Phantom Power 48V, 24 bit, 192 kHz

MICS:  Sennheiser 416MKH  --  Shure MV88+ -- Rode: JFET Cardioid 140db (travel)

Triad-Orbit OA-M orbital boom & ceiling Shock Mount

MacBook Pro: 2.5 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 with upgrade   --   iPad Pro 12.9”

DAW: Audacity & Twisted Wave

Source Connect - Standard (for iOS): 

Cat 8 Shielded High Speed Ethernet Cable 40Gbps with Gold Plated Plug, 400Mbps ethernet

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